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The Polyjesters have performed at festivals of all shapes, sizes and genres in Canada, USA, France, UK, and Japan. We engage audiences with original material and/or older classics. We exude energy and are true ambassadors on any stage. Oh, and we kick butt at workshops too.


We have performed at concert series around the globe including the Olympics and large stages. We think it's time you bring in The Polyjesters to entertain your audience.


We bring the party. One favourite party trick is the 'roving' method. Instead of having an amplified band in the corner, get the Polyjesters to roam around your party with their instruments and entertain your guests with a tune here and there. Picture a royal court with the jesters popping up to help break the ice with a tune. Fly us in on you private helicopter and let's make this happen.

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Carstairs, AB T0M 0N0, Canada

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